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About Me

I started out to be a ballet dancer, chasing my dreams to New York, then pursued a career in law after a knee injury sidelined my dance career. In 2011, after 26 years as a commercial litigator, I decided to turn my attention back to more creative pursuits, not that law isn't creative, and happily delved into my photography with a vengeance. In 2012, I became an associate artist at the Greenleaf Art Center in Chicago and there began showing and selling my work.

I now work out of home studios in Tucson, AZ and Santa Fe, NM. In January 2018, I acquired studio/gallery space to show and sell my work at the Steinfeld Warehouse Community Arts Center in downtown Tucson's historic Warehouse Arts District. I also show in selected galleries in Tucson. In 2022, I am participating in a Studio Artists Tour in Santa Fe.  

For me, photography is a way of capturing and presenting a certain essence of life, defining an energy, highlighting a juxtaposition of details that might otherwise go unnoticed. I believe the camera lends itself to a more mindful disposition and appreciation of the life around me and I seek to share that vision with others through my work. My photos and photo collages are colorful and vibrant reflections of urban scenes, natural landscapes and botanic blooms. Through the digital process, I bring out colors and detail to highlight images, presenting little vignettes, points of view. I am particularly fascinated by the evolution of what my eye first sees, then sees through the lens of my camera, then sees again as the image is viewed and refined on my computer, then sees in the final printed image. I research my images and locations, which adds another dimension to my process and understanding. I like to think my photos are optimistic and compelling, providing a calm against the backdrop of daily routine - a 'visual vacation' and a reminder of the inherent and poignant possibilities of everyday life. Many of my photos are mistaken for paintings.

I print all my own work on a Canon iPF6400 printer on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta Satin paper, 300 gsm. For information on sizing and purchasing, please click on 'For Purchase' in the menu. You can contact me at: sahakian.suzanne@gmail.com.

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